Bowman Cycles are back.

Bowman Cycles are back.

Welcome to the first blog.

This is work in progress and we have lots of things to get organised – Gravel bikes and Road bikes, made from Aluminium and Steel. We also are trying to organise clothing.

Lots to try and organise, but we are on it.

Also, just letting you know that we have moved.

We are now based in Sheffield - right on the door step of the Peak District. Sheffield is obviously well known for its Steel industry, its trees and green spaces and approx. a 3rd of its area is in the Peak District – so its perfect for cycling. Strines Moor a particular favourite. I also really like Edale Village to Hope – that road is just perfect, twisty and turns galore. Or Low Bradfield to Loxley Bridge. Grangemill to Rowsley. Apologies, I digress.

Kelham Island Sheffield Alfred Beckett & Son Kelham Island Sheffield

So I suppose we should put out our Mission statement. What our intentions are:

So, we aim to sell Aluminium, Steel Road and Gravel bikes, clothing - honestly and transparently.

That’s it.

At present, we are trying to source bikes.  Looking at the market in the UK for the manufacture of Steel and Aluminium it seems that the production of framesets in volume is not possible due to lack of manufacturing infrastructure (feel free to correct me) – Italian Frameset builders are also under high demand and are also augmenting their stock by sourcing framesets in the Far East.

The Far East is still as far as I have been informed the largest producer of Cycle components at present. This means that there is also a strong customer demand and potentially long lead times.

But we are looking.

Why do we want to use Aluminium or Steel?

Aluminium is still a common frame material. Its lightweight, stiff, affordable, and easy to work with.

Aluminium is the highest selling frame material in terms of volume, largely because of its happy balance between cost of production, resilience and weight.

Steel bikes are also easily built with custom geometry and fittings, easily repaired, strong and reliable.

And that’s why we want to continue to build in Steel and Aluminum. That’s it.

Well thats it short and sweet - first blog over.

We will be back soon.

Hopefully having some progress.

By the way, just to clear a few things up. There are loads of questions on various forums and on social media about rear mech hangers. Sorry – we don’t have any.

Secondly, we are a new company. We don’t have any access or connection to stock from the previous company which was trading as BB Velo.

Lastly, if you are a supplier, Frames, components, clothing – we would love to hear from you.


See you soon.


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