Bowman Coloured Bike Frames

Our warehouse is really, really close to a spray shop. Its called Two Brothers Coatings. They have worked with quite a few Mountain bike companies like Cotic – who are based in the Peak District near Calver and Stoney Middleton. They are really good blokes so we decided to use them on a few samples and they did not disappoint.

Bowman Inspiration for Bike Frame Colours

We looked at some Candy colours – described by a mate in the cycle industry as Quality Street wrappers colours. Almost translucent – I can see his point. So we asked for a Candy blue, black, red, gold  and a Titanium silver colour.

Bowman Gold Bike Frame

 Bowman Bike Frame Spay Process

Bowman Bike Frames

Bowman Red Bike Frame

We also asked for simple blues, orange, green and red colours.

Bowman Bike Frames Boxed

Personally I prefer the candy colours.  I am setting my stall out here, I would like Bowman to be well known for its great colour choices and finishes.

We will be sitting down next week and looking at our final choices, then we will get them sprayed and finished.  Any thoughts on colours folks?  Transfers / decals samples are on order.

Next stop – choosing our decals, applying and then getting a bike built up for testing.

Speak soon – still need  a name…..



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