Going for a ride….

Going for a ride….

Our interpretation of what ‘going for a ride’ means is different to us all.

It could mean Mountain Biking (downhill or cross country). Riding could mean commuting or bike packing.

It could mean crit racing, Strava hunting or coffee shop rides. We all cycle for a different reason and in different disciplines.

Ride with Spirit.

The previous owner of Bowman Cycles used the quote ‘Ride with Spirit’.

What that means is open to interpretation. Spirit could be described as the mood or attitude of the person riding. ‘Ride with attitude’, ‘Ride with style’ or ‘Ride with passion’.

Whatever it means – I believe that the previous owner just wanted people to get out on their bikes and enjoy themselves in whatever disciplines they preferred to cycle in.

We believe in a similar ethos. Whatever your preferred discipline – just get out there.

The Peak District is an amazing place to start. Its huge and because of the massive amount of routes stretching from just below Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, to Ashbourne in Derbyshire and from the west of Manchester to Sheffield in South Yorkshire - it never gets boring. Its begging to be explored.

There is a route for any discipline.

Kirk Edge Road, High Bradfield Sheffield.

Kirk Edge Road, High Bradfield Sheffield.

Our first bike should be perfect for exploring. So we set a brief for an exploring bike:

It should be capable of going off road on trails.

It should be equally as capable on tarmac.

It must be able to be used as a commuter.

Rack mounts If possible.

Through axles.

Easily maintained bottom brackets.

Wide tyre clearance.

We captured this is the easily remembered mnemonic ‘TTCRTBBW’. (Just a bit of ‘dad humour’ there).

We approached several frame manufacturers with the aim of procuring a frame that would satisfy our brief.

We had success. Things are moving. Slowly.

We don’t have a name yet though – we are open to suggestions.

That’s it for now.

Our next blog will go a bit further into what is coming and when.


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