Unpacking the box.

Jerseys and Bikes.....

Jerseys have arrived.

Sam from Paria clothing in Leeds sent me a text to say that the jerseys had arrived.

Which was excellent news. He sent me a sneak picture and I as well chuffed how they had come out.

I got a huge box through the post and a few days later, I unpacked everything and started to look at what we have.

Bike wise, I have had a small batch sprayed and decaled up – I went to the bottom of Stanage Edge and took some photos. Some may recognise the roads.


Stanage 2

So pretty much everything is ready to go now.

We are just trying to load things onto the website - Tom is helping with this.

Fingers crossed, we might have something ready for next week.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy the sun - but watch out for potholes.









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