Sweat Shirts, T shirts and Candy red frames

Sweat Shirts, T shirts and Candy red frames

September 2023

I have been wanting one of my own Bowman bikes for a while – there has to be some perks. However, I did not want to take any of the stock, but now I am in a position where I can get hold of one.

I just picked up a batch of  frames in a Candy Red colour and its time to build my own up.  Blue Whippet completed the spraying and I really like the colour.


So I am going for an Ultegra build up. I have got hold of most stuff, but I need a bottom bracket, a headset and some decent wheels. I will be getting road wheels so I can blast around on it, and then I will get some gravel wheels as well, so I can swap them out when I want to do some more rougher stuff. 

I will start building it up from end of September / early October and start using it straight away.

Had some movement on a few bits, some easier than others.

Sweatshirts and T shirts was relatively easy.  I went to a friend of the family, looked at various blank t shirts and Sweatshirts of varying quality, chose the colours and forwarded the Bowman font and approved the quote. So, hopefully they will be here pretty soon (I went for a T shirt of 180gsm weight and a Sweatshirt with a weight of 350gsm). Placing this order was easy.



I also ordered some trucker caps, because everyone likes a trucker cap (well, quite a lot of people).

I also want some other bits of kit - arm warmers, socks, over shoes and base layers. This takes a little bit more patience, I had conversations with companies in Turkey and China, but just seemed to be going round in circles with quotes, samples, fonts.

So I sent a text to Sam at Paria Clothing and asked if he could help. 30mins later and he has put me a quote together and I have seen samples. So I will be placing the order for them shortly.

Also, baselayers – I have spoken to someone I know and I am looking at samples to see if I like them and a separate company is sending me some water bottles to look at

Lastly, I always wanted to do a steel framed bike and the folks at Blue Whippet Paintworks know some frame builders. So, I have been having discussions about an 853 Reynolds build and then a 931 Reynolds frame.  They also can do Columbus and Dedacciai.

These will be in small numbers, I am just waiting for the quote back and then hopefully we can get that organised as well. Geometry has been agreed.

This will also add more content to the Website, I am aware it looks a bit bare, so all of this should fill it out a bit more.

That’s it, hopefully T shirts and Sweat shirts should be fairly soon as well as the Candy Red framesets.

The arm warmers, socks, gloves and overshoes - they should follow on.  

Lastly, summer gone, what a wash out. I was in Mallorca in August, it was really hot, way too hot for cycling, I did go exploring though. I drove up Cap de Formentor from Puerto Pollensa, and also went up  Sa Batalla from Selva to Luc and then up and down Sa Colobra – as I say, I drove, this was cheating. But I am booking to go next year which should be good.

Take care.

Thanks for reading.





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